Chef creative summite 2018

On December 1, the third international Creative Chefs Summit 2018 was held at the Exhibition Center Parkovy. This year, the summit was attended by 800 chefs, cooks, sous-chefs and restaurateurs from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Austria, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Italy. 14 chefs, scientists and TV presenters from 8 countries (Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Great Britain, Denmark and the USA) adressesd the audience from the stage. The moderator of the summit, by tradition, was the 15th chef, Sergey Kalinin. The concept of this year’s summit was focused on the topic: “What is the Chef?”. The speakers presented in their reports and workshops the view based on their philosophy, author’s approach to creating recipes, techniques, textures and serving dishes. Traditionally the summit was opened by Savva Libkin (Ukraine), a successful Ukrainian restaurateur with 25 years of experience. In his report “What is a Chef?” Savva shared his understanding of the profession of a chef: “To become an outstanding chef, you need to go from a craftsman to a creator. Geniuses are born, but genius is only 5% of talent and the rest 95% is of labor. ” It should be noted that all the chefs interlaced simple and premium products in their recipes, thereby achieving a balance of quality, price and taste.