• i-CHEF by Irina Makhinko is a young Ukrainian brand of cook uniforms and textiles in the HoReCa field. Quality, style, comfort and attention to detail are the basic principles of the brand.
  • We do not strive to be leaders in the number of customers who will come to us once!
  • i-CHEF is high fashion in your kitchen
  • i-CHEF loves and appreciates everyone who chooses our brand, and we value the fact that they come back to us and recommend to friends.



Irina Makhinko

Irina Makhinko
CEO i-CHEF Irina Makhinko

I always loved the art of making clothes. By education I am a designer-artist-modeller of a stage image and a business suit.

Whatever I dreamed to become in my childhood, all the life circumstances led me to the business that I am successfully running at the moment and which I can not do without at all.

When I just started sewing clothes for kitchen staff, I came across a terrible stereotype that a cook is a man “behind the wall” who walks in the outfits that are always dirty with grease.

And I just couldn’t wrap my head about it, as I saw the cooks who were the real stars! These cool men and women knew 5-6 languages, were fond of sports, music and worked incredible miracles in their kitchens.

And from that very moment, I have been firmly determined to sew such products for chefs  that no one would dare to call their uhiforms “a special clothing”. Indeed, in the kitchen it is important to feel confident and comfortable the same way as at an official reception or, let’s say, in a television studio. The chef should be protected from fire, boiling water, various sources of dirt, and he should not be ashamed to go out to people in the restaurant hall and introduce himself when the occasion requires it.

Literally it took me a night to draw a logo for the current i-CHEF company and to clearly state the principles I adhere to.

Clothing is our attitude towards ourselves. The way we want to feel, directly depends on how we are dressed. And the feelings of the person who wears clothes from i-CHEF are important to me. Therefore, I always did and will continue doing only the highest quality things. Each of the i-CHEF item has its own history, starting from an idea, followed by myriad of sketches and ending with the selection of high-quality fabric. My team and I can stay awake all night when it comes to creating something new. And we love it. We are elated when we make our customers happy!

Moreover, I do confidently declare that each of our items has a unique design. And in general, I’m all up to uniqueness and really do not approve plagiarism. Of course, it’s evident that no one will come up with a bicycle again. But just imagine how many variations we can make!

We never run out of ideas, and that’s why i-CHEF has become a clothing brand that creates a style in the art of cooking.

We dress the best!
With love, your Irina Makhinko!

Our advantages

Any of our items is first and foremost the example of quality and respect for you and your work.

We work on ideas, draw dozens of sketches, refine models, pay attention to details, and – most importantly – we invest souls in every product created.

By ordering a uniform from us, you can be sure that:

It will fit you perfectly

It will fit perfectly on you

You will leave us the happy owner of a beautiful and stylish model. A great choice for those who always want to wear not just a boiler, but a boiler with taste and admirable.

We use only high quality fabrics and cuts

We use only high quality fabrics and cuts

High quality of tailoring, original models, careful processing of all details, certified fabrics – these are the components of our work.

We can create a personalised design for you

We can create a custom design for you

Our company is always ready to fulfill any of your wishes: from the classic tunic to incredibly creative ideas.

Products made for you will always look beautiful and unique. When placing an order, you can be sure of the uniqueness of your products, understanding that it is designed specially for you, taking into account the specifics of your direction. Time spent with our designer is always pleasant and fruitful.

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