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Classic cut white chef jacket with detachable plastic buttons, long sleeve

960.00 грн.1,210.00 грн.

Female black chef jacket with deorative elementa

1,970.00 грн.2,220.00 грн.

Women white chef jacket with decorative elements

1,970.00 грн.2,220.00 грн.

Female black chef jacket with push buttons, long sleeve

1,360.00 грн.1,610.00 грн.

Tiffany chef jacket from a water-repellent fabric, long sleeve

1,480.00 грн.1,570.00 грн.

Tiffany chef jacket, a water-repellent fabric, long sleeve

1,580.00 грн.1,670.00 грн.

Chef jacket from a water-repellent fabric with the embroidery of cotton flowers

3,920.00 грн.4,070.00 грн.

Female chef jacket with the prolonged back

2,180.00 грн.2,330.00 грн.

Chef-jacket with the Ukrainian folk pattern

1,920.00 грн.2,070.00 грн.

Chef jacket with cupcake pattern on the brown background, long sleeve

1,480.00 грн.1,570.00 грн.

Chef jacket with Tiffanyy cupcakes pattern and graphite background, long sleeve

1,480.00 грн.1,570.00 грн.